Healthy Recipes for Navratri Vrath Festival

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Vrat / Upwasache faral recipes r most of the times fried ones and are very oily …calorie count of most of vrath recipe is very much on higher side..actually at the time of vrath you need something which is energy giving but at the same time the fat contain should be less as it will accumulate in your body …I had tried my best to cut fat content of this recipe…but yes I had used healthy fats in little quantity and used my microwave oven to give the same good taste with less fats

Click on following links for healthy vrath recipes

Tangy baked sweet potatoes recipe (shakarkandi ki chat)baked sweet potatoes

Baked Singhara (water chest nut) wedges in microwave (vrath recipe)water chestnut wedges

Upwasach Thalipeeth (Vrath ka Multi Flour Paratha)

vrath recipe
vrath ki multi flour chatpatti roti

Easy Rajbhog (Stuffed Rasgulla) recipeIMG_4525

Sabudana(sago) khichadi (vrath recipe) in microwave/pan without any mush

sabudana khichadi

How to make shikran (Easy banana milk custard for vrath)


Potato, Raw Banana Veg Kabab (Vrath Wale Kabab Recipe)vrath ke kababvrath ke kabab

How to Make Perfect Rasgulla with very less efforts/ Soft Ricotta Cheese Dumpling in Sugar Syrup

Easy Rasgulla recipe

Vrath ka Raita (Upwasachi Koshimbir)

upwasachi koshimbir


Roasted makhana in Microwave/Pan(vrath recipe)

makhana roasted in microwave

Singade ka aloo paratha

navratri vrath recipe
singhade ka aloo paratha

Tangy Vrath (fast) Wali Gravy/Curry (Upwasachi Amti Recipe )

Vrath ki Nariyal Chutney (Coconut Chutney)

upwasachi danayachi chutney
vrath ki nariyal moongfalli chutney

Sago Pudding ( sabudane ki kheer /payasam )

eggless pudding from sago
Sago/ Sabudana dessert

How to make Phool Makhana Kheer

meethi kheer for vrath
makhana kheer recipe

Easy dry fruits ladoo(Navratri Vrath Recipe)

My suggestion for Navratri Vrath Festival—

  1. Drink lot of water and fluids such as coconut water sugarfree fresh juice
  2. Eat lots of fruits
  3. Try to avoid fried menus of navratri
  4. Eat healthy vrath recipe in small portion at regular interval
  5. Enjoy the festival rather than starving yourself …it’s a healthy suggestion
  6. Long time starvation and  too much of tea and coffee dose  will increase your acid refluxes (acidity)
  7. You can make god happy by helping people and children who r in need rather than starving yourself..

Enjoy ur vrat with this healthy vrat  recipes 



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  1. […] Sabudana recipes are generally made for fast ,upas or vrat ka khana . As I said Sabudana has high glycemic index so it provides instant energy during fast. Generally most of the people make Sabudana khichadi or Vada for vrath . In navratri vrat we want to make variety of Sabudana recipe and this recipe tastes awesome for this fast . Sabudana Tikki ingredients are same as Sabudana khichdi only there are slight changes while making it . Also check – Vrat recipes for Navratri fast […]


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