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Everyone must have tasted the delicious, sweet, fleshy, juicy mulberry at least once in his or her life. In temperate regions around the world, they hang from a genus of deciduous trees of the Moraceae family. Remember collecting these berries from the tree during your childhood? Or singing the nursery rhyme “Here we go round the mulberry bush” which we enjoyed so much? As a child, I enjoyed going to my grandmother’s backyard to pick mulberries with my cousins. Our fingers used to get stained with the dark purplish shade of the berries which we enjoyed a lot. Back then we were not aware of the multiple health benefits it possessed. 

But what is mulberry? Mulberries are sweet, succulent, tart berry fruits of the mulberry trees. They are available for a short period twice a year – from March to May and then again from October to November. There are different varieties of mulberry based on their color- white, red and black mulberry named Morus Alba, Morus rubra, and Morus nigra respectively. 

Coming to its taste. It tastes a lot like grapefruits. They are juicy and possess a mild, sweet flavor making them ideal for sherbets, jams, squashes, jellies, and pies. It is known by different names across India. It is called Malperi paḻam in Tamil, Tum̐ta Phala in Bengali, Śētūra phaḷa in Gujarati, Tutī phaḷa in Marathi, Shah-Tul in Kashmiri to name a few. 

In this article, you will learn more about this nutritious juicy fruit. So, stay tuned!

Mulberry fruit uses

  • They serve as excellent ingredients for making delicious smoothies and snacks. 
  •  Mulberry root extracts are used to soothe irritated skin.
  • Add them to your pies for strong flavor 
  • Also, you can freeze them to make mulberry ice pops.
  • It goes well with cocktails as well
  • You can make a mulberry jam or can add some other fruits as well for a mixed fruit jam.
  • Mulberries are best eaten with biscuits and whipped cream.
  • Mulberry is food for silkworms which makes it an economically essential plant for silk production.
  • They are also used to reduce blemishes and dark spots.

Mulberry benefits for Skin

Ever think of using this amazing, juicy fruit as a skincare treatment as well? Mulberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and iron which promote a youthful, blemish-free complexion. You can use these Indian berries to pamper your skin. 

  • They are rich in vitamin A and E and help in preventing premature aging. 
  • It reduces the arrival of blemishes and age spots. All thanks to its carotenoid additives like lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and so forth.
  • It can also be used to treat irritated skin. 
  • It also evens skin tone and prevents skin damage and the appearance of fine lines.
  • It helps you to get glowing skin. 
  • It is a boon for dry skin people. The Vitamin A and E in mulberry provide intense hydration to the skin. 
  • Mulberries also promote melanin synthesis, consequently resulting in a clean, rejuvenated complexion.

Nutritional Value Chart 

Every 100 g of fresh and raw mulberries contains:

Energy 43 cal
carbohydrates10 g
Protein 1.4 g
Total fat 0.4 g
Sodium 10 mg
Potassium194 mg
Vitamin C60 %
Vitamin B-65 %

Mulberry Fruit Benefits 

Mulberry fruits are not only delicious but are considered a powerhouse of nutrition as it provides a lot of health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, iron, etc. let’s see what are the other major benefits of eating mulberry.

  1. Good for digestive health: being a rich source of dietary fiber they improve the digestion process of the individual. Thus, helping in treating issues like constipation, bloating, and cramping. 

2. lowers cholesterol level: it lowers the level of both total and LDL “bad” cholesterol which is important to maintain our heart health reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes.

3.Good for the immune system: Mulberries contain a great deal of vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system against infections and foreign pathogens. As a result of the alkaloids in mulberries, the macrophages are activated, stimulating the immune system against illnesses.

4.Helps to control blood sugar levels: White mulberries are a boon for people with type 2 diabetes. It contains certain chemical compounds that resemble the medicines used to treat type-2 diabetes.


5.Improves blood circulation: Mulberries are a rich source of iron, the presence of iron encourages the production of red blood cells and also helps in curing anemia. 

The antioxidants in mulberries improve the functioning of the blood vessels by dilating them ensuring good blood flow to the heart and other body parts. 

6. Eye health: carotenoids (zeaxanthin) and antioxidants in mulberries prevent retinal damage from ultraviolet rays. They also have anti-cataract and anti-macular degeneration properties. 

The vit A in mulberry helps to strengthen our eyesight and relieves eye strains.

promotes brain health: the calcium in mulberry helps in keeping our brain healthy. It also helps to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. 

7. Reduces the risk of cancer: Its anthocyanins and pharmaceutical ingredients help in reducing the risk of cancer development. The presence of resveratrol helps to fight colon cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, etc. 

The antioxidants also play a role in reducing oxidative stress, thus decreasing the risk of cancer.

8. Good for your hair: Mulberry helps in retaining the healthy natural color of your hair by aiding in melanin production in your hair. People suffering from premature greying of the hair can get amazing benefits from mulberry consumption daily. 

9.Good for Your Lungs: Mulberry has antiviral and antibacterial properties which help in preventing colds and flu and other lung infection.

10.Good for Your Kidneys: Mulberry extracts are beneficial for those tormented by kidney harm resulting from diabetes. It improves the health of kidneys by enhancing insulin resistance, and oxidative stress, and lowering inflammation within the body.

Mulberry Fruit Benefits for Weight loss 

Mulberries are rich in fiber and low in calories making them advantageous for people who want to lose some extra inches from their bodies. The fiber pectin present in mulberry acts as a laxative thus facilitating the digestive process.

The natural compound rutin found in mulberry helps people lose fat and treat obesity.  

Can We Eat Mulberry Fruits daily?

You can consume mulberry fruits daily to enjoy its amazing health benefits. However, too much of anything is harmful to our health. Similarly, too many mulberries daily can result in unwanted side effects. You can have 40g of recommended daily amount of mulberry for a balanced and above all healthy lifestyle. 

Mulberry Fruits’ side effects

What if you are consuming too many mulberries everyday ? Well, unfortunately, it might cause a problem if you are not consuming a normal amount.  

  • Too many mulberries can drop blood sugar levels to a dangerously low level thus increasing the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • It may become the reason for your problems like indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, and bloating.
  • The white mulberry extract may cause mild skin irritation.  
  • It interferes with the absorption of Carbohydrates. 
  • It might trigger an allergic reaction in some people. 

Who Should Avoid Mulberry Fruits? 

  • Mulberries should not be consumed by people taking medications to reduce their uric acid levels.
  • It should also be avoided by those who have chronic kidney or metabolic disorders.
  • People who are suffering from type 2 diabetes should not consume it in heavy amounts.
  • People with a latex allergy should stay away from it because it might make their stomach upset.


Mulberries are superfoods with high amounts of protein, iron, vitamin C and many other nutrients present in them. These tasty, juicy fruits are not only good in taste but possess many health benefits as well. There are different types of mulberries found according to the color and place of origination. You can add these to your smoothies, juices, pies, etc to enjoy the benefits. You can also make your homemade healthy recipes using mulberries like mulberry tea or mulberry jam. 

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