Gulab jamun (mava) modak recipe

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My kids love gulab jamuns … I use to make it in round or oval shape…. And one day while making gulab jamun this idea come to my mind to make gulab jamuns in modak shape….it looks good…. Serve the gulab jamun modak without the syrup and sprinkled little desiccated coconut on it … I hope you will love to serve this recipe to lord ganesha and obliviously to your family ….

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]


2 cups khoya(mawa)

¾ cup Paneer or chenna (follow the how to make chena recipe in easy sandesh modak)

2 tablespoon maida (all purpose flour)

1 ½ teaspoon Cardamom powder

2 ½ cup sugar

1 tablespoon rosewater

2 tablespoon milk to make the dough

Water 4 cups

Ghee for deep frying

For stuffing —

10 cashew nuts and 10 almonds coarsely ground together and add 25 30 raisins in it and mix it ….

Desiccated coconut for garnishing


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Grate khoya(mawa) and paneer or chenna add maida (all-purpose flour) and 1 teaspoon cardamom powder and mix them well in food preocessor….if you find it hard add 2 tablespoon milk and mix it well…this dough shoul be soft
  2. The main part which is actually very intresting is to make modak of this dough… you can modak mould by greasing it with ghee and stuff it with this dough  by keeping the middle portion hollow put little stuffing into hollow space and again fill the modak mould with the dough …do remember to grease the modak mould with ghee before use ..Make all the modaks in this way…the other way of making this modak is by hands ….first make 2 inch balls by filling little stuffing in each ball of this dough and then give them the shape of modak using your fingers …
  3.  Mix water and sugar in a container and bring it to boil on medium flame …boil this sugar syrup until it reaches single thread consistency…. Remove it from flame ….To this syrup add ½ teaspoon cardamom powder and rose water ….
  4. Now heat ghee in frying pan ….once it becomes hot gently drop modak in the ghee … fry it on low flame ….it will take some time but the gulab jamun modak will not be cooked from inside if you fry it on high flame … once it becomes dark brown remove it from ghee and add it immediately in sugar syrup…fry all the the gulab jamun modak in this way and transfer them in syrup immediately …..Let it get soaked for couple of hours ….
  5. Now remove the gulab jamun modak from the syrup and garnish them with desiccated coconut or roasted khu khus
  6. Serve it warm or chilled ….personally I prefer the chilled one…this modak r super surprise for your family members …



If you find this gulab jamun modak making little tedious job ..just bring gulab jamun mix of gits or milkmaid or mothers recipe or bambino….follow the recipe…..but you have to make stuffing…and that’s really easy…and then follow the modak shaping procedure , frying procedure and garnishing procedure…

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