Raw Mango Juice Recipe | Kacche aam ka Sharbet

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kairi ka paani
Raw mango juice |kacche aam ka paani

Raw mango juice is a cool refreshing energy drink to satisfy summer quench. Raw mangoes are available in summer and it has loads of nutrition to beat summer related problems like heat stroke ,dehydration etc.

There are lots of benefits of raw mango juice.

  • Raw green mangoes contains lots of vitamin c which helps to boost our immune system during summers
  • As sugar or jaggery or glucose is present in raw mango juice it gives instant energy when you feel weak during summers.
  • It also improves digestive system.
  • Raw mangoes also prevent heat stroke during summers

I love this recipe as it doesn’t take lot of preparation time and is very easy to make. This raw mango juice is different from Raw Mango panna /panha as it doesn’t require cooking of raw mango. You can make this recipe by adding jaggery /sugar / glucose. If you want to store the raw mango juice concoction for more than 10 days use sugar. Raw mango juice concoction made from jaggery or glucose has less shelf life as compare to that made from sugar.

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Kids love this healthy drink and you can give them when they come back from school. I don’t add ice cubes when I serve it to my kids, I keep it in small mud pot and serve it when Anagh (my son) comes back from school. I keep both raw mango juice concoction and raw mango panna concoction ready in refrigerator during summers.

I have explained how to prepare this healthy energy drink from both sugar as well as jaggery; you can also add glucose in place of sugar or jaggery. Share your queries and suggestions for this recipe in comments below.

[ingredients title=”Ingredients for Raw Mango juice”]

To make raw green mango juice concoction 

  • 1 cup peeled & grated raw mango

    kaccha aam
    peeled and grated raw mango
  • 1 cup sugar / 1 cup grated jaggery
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder / chat masala


[directions title=”Step by Step Directions to make raw mango juice”]

  1. Mix all the ingredients and keep it in refrigeratorIMG_0870
  2. After 1 hour sugar / jaggery will dissolve in juice diffused by raw mango. This is the raw mango juice concoction which you can use anytime to make juice.

    raw mango juice concoction

To make raw mango juice 

  1. Add four glass of water in raw mango concoction mix and strain it ,straining is optional as the grated mango strands also tastes good. If it is not sweet enough, add glucose or sugar as requiredIMG_0887

    kairi ka paani
    kacche aam ka paani | raw mango juice


Tips for making raw mango juice

  • Don’t use very sour mangoes for making raw mango juice .
  • Remove the sap and skin of raw mangoes, this generally cause skin and throat allergy.
  • Avoid water from refrigerator during summers, use traditional mud pot to keep water cool during summers.
  • Raw mango should be avoided if you are already suffering from throat infection.
  • Avoid having more than one raw mango in a day

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  1. Hi, your recipes are nice.I made dahi vada from your recipe.They were too good.thanks for explaining it so well.
    I was looking for chole recipe in your blog but could not find it , though you have bhatura recipes.

  2. Hey good recipe. I have visited your bloga many times but I have n’t tried to cook anything yet.. This drink look so refreshing and tasty I am tempted to try it.. juices are always nice and refreshing.. I usually make such juices at home and sometimes pick up KDD Harvest’s juices on the way to work.. Thanks for sharing.


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