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Paratha in morning breakfast is very common in Indian homes. We make variety of parathas like aloo paratha ,beetroot paratha , gobhi paratha , onion paratha , matar paratha, palak paratha, methi paratha,paneer parathamooli paratha etc and always want something interesting to eat with it. Many people like to eat paratha with butter, curd, achar, raita, chutney, jam or gravies. I have explained variety of recipes to make with aloo paratha. I hope you will enjoy this recipes. Click to read the following side dish recipes which goes very well with aloo paratha or any other plain or stuffed paratha. This side dish recipes are easy to prepare and are some of the best accompaniments with paratha:-)

tomato chutney
Homemade tomato chutney / salsa

Tomato chutney recipe

This sweet, sour and spicy chutney tastes good and it goes very well with any plain ,vegetable or stuffed paratha. My kids love this red chutney. You can also serve this chutney with plain chapathi or dosa. Read this recipe

spicy red chutney
lemon chutney

Lemon chutney recipe

This is my grandma’s tasty spicy recipe with paratha or any other meal. This red chutney will open up your taste buds. Make this tasty hot and sour chutney when You want to eat something very spicy with your paratha. You can also eat this chutney with any bland meal. Read the recipe…..

Egg-less Mayonnaise
Egg-less Mayonnaise

Egg-less Mayonnaise or Veg Mayo

Mayonnaise spread tastes awesome with any Paratha. This recipe of mayonnaise is without eggs, sugar or condensed milk. This veg mayonnaise is low in calories and easy to make at home. Read the recipe……

kaccha aam pudina chutney

Raw Mango chutney with Mint leaves

This Kaccha aam Pudina ki chutney or Kairi Chatni you can make in summers when raw mango is easily available in market. This chutney is very refreshing and goes well with paratha or any other meal. You can also eat this chutney with khichadi. Read this recipe…..

how to eat flax seeds daily
flax seed chutney

Flax seed chutney with garlic | Alsi chutney | Jawas chutney recipe

This chutney is always available at my home. This is a healthy dry chutney recipe which You can store in airtight container for 20- 25 days. It has very long shelf life. This chutney is made up of flax seeds (alsi / jawas), sesame seeds (til), peanuts (moongphalli / shengdana), garlic etc. I mix this chutney with curd or olive oil or any edible oil(filter oil) and serve it with paratha, cheela or dosa. This chutney is one of the easiest side dish recipe you can serve with your aloo paratha once its ready in your kitchen. Read this recipe….

coconut peanut chutney for bhakri , paratha ,
coconut chutney

Coconut chutney recipe

This fresh coconut chutney tastes awesome with dosa and idli, but it also goes well with paratha. I make this green coconut chutney when fresh coconut and coriander are in my refrigerator. This spicy chutney recipe is evergreen side dish recipe with idli, dosa, cheela or paratha. Read this recipe


Guava jam / jelly
Guava jam / jelly

Guava Jam / Jelly Recipe

This is easy to make jam recipe and a best companion with plain paratha. Read this recipe……

zucchini ka raita
zucchini ka raita

Zucchini Raita recipe

This is easy to make zucchini recipe. Its very healthy and have lots of health benefits. My kids somehow dont like zuchini sabzi but they love this raita. I make this raita with parantha and with my regular meal. Its easy and doesn’t take lot of time. Read the recipe….

mirchi achar
green chili pickle | ari mirch ka achar

Green Chili pickle | Hari mirch ka Achar

This spicy green chili pickle goes very well with aloo paratha. You can also serve it with any rice recipe. I make this pickle at home and its very easy to make. Do try this easy to make pickle recipe . Read this recipe…

how to make gooseberry chutney with pudina
Amla chutney | Gooseberry chutney

Amla ki khati meethi chutney

This chutney is very healthy as well as tasty. You can eat it as a side dish with paratha. Amla are abundantly available in winters, so I make this chutney mostly in winters. Amla is rich in antioxidants . To eat raw amla is difficult for many people. This chutney You can easily eat with your meals. I have also added pudina (mint) and corriander in this chutney which gives this chutney a very refreshing flavour. Read this recipe……

coconut pudina chutney for idli dosa
coconut pudina chutney for idli dosa

Pudina chutney recipe |Mint Chutney

I have explained 3 different types of pudina chutney. You can make any of this green chutney as a side dish for your Aloo paratha or any paratha. Read this recipe….

onion tomato koshimbir recipe
cucumber tomato raita or koshimbir

Cucumber tomato raita | Kakdi tomato koshimbir

This is a maharashtrian style raita which is made as side dish with any meal. This raita goes very well with paratha. It has refreshing taste of cucumber which make this raita best accompaniment with parathas in summer. Read this recipe…

Turmeric pickle / Kachi haldi ka achar
Turmeric pickle / Kachi haldi ka achar

Quick raw turmeric pickle recipe | Kachi haldi ka achar 

This pickle is made up of raw turmeric and lemon juice with some spices. Its easy to make and there is no pickling time for this tasty pickle. Its a easy way to eat raw turmeric in your daily meals. This healthy pickle goes very well with aloo paratha. Read the recipe …..

heathy homemade chutney
amla-kachi haldi ki chutney

Amla raw turmeric chutney recipe 

This chutney is tasty as well as healthy. It contains raw turmeric, amla and coriander as main ingredients. This chutney can also be accompanied with hot parathas. Read the recipe…

how to make curd / dahi at home
how to make curd/ dahi

Curd | Dahi | Plain Yoghurt

Plain curd or dahi also goes very well with hot parathas . You can easily set probiotic curd at your home. Many of us have an issue to set dahi in winters especially when the temperature is very low. I have explained how to make this healthy curd during winters and summers. Read the recipe….

awlayach loanch
amla khata meetha achar

Amla Pickle recipe

This is a khata meetha amla pickle (Gooseberry pickle) which you can eat with your tasty parathas. Read the recipe…

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