Khoya (mava) modak Recipe with dry fruits (Kaju and Anjeer)

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Enjoy a tasty mawa modak (also known as modak peda) with dry fruits

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

1 cup khoya(mawa)

¼ cup sugarfree natura /sugar / demerara sugar

1 cup dried fig(anjeer) finely chopped

½ cup cashew nut (Kaju) powder

1 teaspoon cardmom powder

10-15 saffron(kesar)  strands (if you r not using demerara sugar)


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Combine khoya(mawa) and sugarfree natura /powdered sugar/demerara sugar in a heavy bottom pan
  2. Now roast it on low flame till all the moisture evaporated…add finely chopped dried fig(anjeer)and cashew nu powder in it roast it for 2 -3 minutes and remove it from the flame …add cardmom powder and saffron(kesar)  strands in it
  3. Grease the modak mould with ghee…this will prevent the mixture  from sticking…now fill the khoya(mawa) dryfruits mixture inside the mould press it nicely using your index finger and demould …do remember to grease the modak mould before use …
  4. This modak r very nutritious for kids….but not good for weight conscious
  5. Well serve it to lord ganesha  ….






If you like you can also add desiccated coconut to this recipe….

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