Modak recipes for Ganesh chaturthi festival

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Happy Ganesh chaturthi to all of you . We all enjoy lots of modak and ladoo during this festival. Modak  is a sweet dumpling prepared on auspicious festival of  ganesh chaturthi. It is very popular recipe of Maharashtra ,Goa ,Gujarat and now a days in all parts of India during Ganesh chaurthi festival .I make variety of Modak and Ladoo Prasad on ganesh chaturthi .

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Covering of Modak are generally made from wheat flour ( kanik / gheu ka atta) , rice flour ( tandalachi pithi/ chawal ka atta) or semolina ( rava / sooji) . Stuffing if Modak are generally made from coconut, jaggery, dry fruits etc. Some modaks are without covering like dry fruit Modak , Halwa / Sheera Modak , Gajar Halwa Modak , Gulab jamun Modak , chocolate Modak , Mawa / Khoya Modak etc . you can do lots of variation in Modak and each year you can try different Modak on this auspicious occasion.

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I have shared lots of pooja recipes and Modak recipes on my blog. Click the following links and get the Modak and Ladoo recipes of your  choice .

Fried Modak Recipe | Talniche Modak from Whole Wheat Flour | Talalele Modak

fried modak with coconut jaggery stuffing
fried modak with coconut jaggery stuffing


This is the authentic recipe of fried Modak with coconut jaggery stuffing. I made the covering if this Modak by using whole wheat flour. Fried Modak are made with variety of stuffings like sweet cooked chana dal with jaggery ( Puran) stuffing , coconut sugar stuffing or dry fruits khoya stuffing . Ucan make any stuffing of ur choice. Read the recipe…


Coconut Modak recipe From Condensed milk / Milkmaid / Amul Mithai mate coconut Modak recipe  

Modak recipe in Marathi , Hindi
coconut modak from condensed milk

This is quick and easy recipe of Modak . you just have to cook fresh or dry desiccated coconut with condensed milk (Nestlé milkmaid/ amul mithaimate ) . This Modak are easy and tastes good . Add dryfruitModak of ur choice to make this recipe rich. you can also add coco powder in this Modak to make chocolate Modak  . Read the recipe….


Churma  Modak recipe

modak recipe in hindi marathi gujarati
ladoo modak

This are easy and tasty Modak made from whole wheat flour, dry fruits and ghee. This Modak are generally made in Maharashtra and Gujarat during Ganesh festival. Ther is no need of stuffing in this modak . you simply have to fill the Churma mixture in Modak Mould and demould it . Read the recipe.….


Khoya ( mava) Modak with dry fruits

These Modak are very tasty and healthy. It contains khoya ( mava) and dry fruits. You can make this Modak with sugar / sugarfree natura Modak . Everybody loves this Modak . Read the recipe….


Chocolate Modak recipe

chocolate modak recipe in marathi
chocolate modak

This tasty chocolate Modak I make with khoya ( khawa/ mawa ) or chenna base. This Modak are favorite Ganesh pooja Prasad for kids. i made this modak in two ways either from paneer ( curdled milk) or Khoa (mawa / khoya) . Both this recipe of chocolate modak are prepared without ready made chocolate .   Read the recipe…..


Carrot coconut Halwa Modak recipe

how to make modak
coconut carrot modak

Carrot Halwa / Gajar ka halwa cooked with fresh grated coconut is the recipe of this Modak . This Modak has very tempting colour . You can cook this Halwa in coconut milk, almond milk or cashew milk to make this Modak vegan (without milk ) . This Modak tastes awesome and can be served hot or cold. Read the recipe….


No ghee no sugar dry fruits Modak

This Modak are very tasty and nutritious. There is no need to add sugar or ghee in this Modak . Dates and dry fruits gives nice sweet taste to this Modak and dates helps for the binding of Modak . Read the recipe…..


Gulab jamun Modak

This Modak can be made with ready to use gulab jamun dough , shape the gulab jamun dough into Modak shape deep fry and deep it in sugar syrup. Read the recipe….


Sheera / Halwa Modak

how to make modak from modak mold
modak recipe

This Modak are made from Halwa/ Sheera made from semolina ( rava/ sooji). Just need feel up Sheera in Modak mold or shape it with ur fingers. You can also make this Modak with banana Halwa which we make satyanarayan pooja mahaprasad. you can stuff this Modak with little dry fruits . Read the recipe….


How to make fresh Coconut Modak stuffing in microwaveIMG_4163

Many Modak has coconut jaggery stuffing in it. You can make this stuffing with fresh or dry coconut with sugar or jaggery . This stuffing is very easy to make and you can fill it up this stuffing in traditional fried Modak, ukadiceh Modak or semolina Modak ( ravyache Modak / sooji ke Modak). Read the recipe…..


Ukadiche Modak / steamed rice flour Modak with coconut jaggery stuffing

This Modak is a traditional recipe of maharashtra , kokan and goa . Ukadiche Modak are rice flour dumpling with sweet coconut jaggery stuffing. This  Modak are served hot . This Modak requires lot of practice especially the making if ukad I.e cooking the rice flour with right amount of water molding of Modak . Fresh and good quality of rice flour is used to make this Modak . A special rice called ambe mohar is used to make rice flour , basmati rice flour also works best to make this Modak . They are served hot with ghee to lord Ganesha . Read the recipe...


Easy Semolina (rava / sooji ) Modak recipe with coconut jaggery stuffing

This Modak recipe is same as ukadiche Modak recipe . The only difference is the covering of the Modak is made from rava or sooji in place of rice flour. This Modak are simple as compare to ukadiche Modak . it tastes good and can be served hot or cool .Read the recipe…


Churma Ladoo recipe

atte ke laddu
churma na ladoo

Churma Ladoo are also offered to lord Ganesha . this Ladoo are called as Churma ke Laddu in hindi , Churma na Ladwa in gujarati and churmyache Ladooo in Marathi. Both Ladoo and Modak are offered to ganpati. This Ladoo has long shelflife and can be stored for all 11 days of ganesh chaturthi. Read the recipe….

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