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Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe with Wheat flour| Atta cake recipe

Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe with Wheat flour| Atta cake recipe
easy whole wheat chocolate cake
whole wheat cake without refined flour (maida / all purpose flour)
easy whole wheat chocolate cake

This recipe is for the people who want to know, how to make cake without egg .The easy homemade whole wheat flour chocolate cake with very less effort.Preparation time of this eggless chocolate cake is  just 10 minutes max  🙂 and everybody ask for  the recipe after eating  it. And they get surprise that it’s a whole wheat flour cake .This recipe I had shared with all my friends and they always appreciate when they make it for somebody. My kids love chocolate cake , chocolate balls ,chocolate pudding  and because of that i keep on experimenting on this foods & this is my successful experiment of whole wheat cake without refined flour (maida / all purpose flour) .

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My kids love it and as it is whole wheat flour cake (aate ka cake), I don’t mind to stuff them with it …it contains dates and dry fruits which makes it a perfect healthy cake…if you r very diet conscious you can make it without oil and instead of sugar use sugar-free…

[ingredients title=”Ingredients to make whole wheat chocolate cake without eggs”]

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour (gheu ka atta)
  • ½ cup olive oil/canola oil/ sunflower oil/rice bran oil /saffola
  • 18 -20 black dates
  • 2 cups of milk
  • ½ cup coco powder
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda (not baking powder)
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence or extract
  • ½ cup Chopped walnuts or almond or cashew nuts (optional)
  • 1 -2 teaspoon butter or clarified butter (ghee) to grease a cake tin


[directions title=”Directions”]

  1. Deseed the dates and soak it in warm milk for 2-3 hours.IMG_4860
  2. In a mixer jar add all the dates with milk and sugar grind it finely IMG_4863IMG_4866
  3. Add oil to it …again grind it in a same jar .IMG_4867IMG_4870
  4. Again add cocoa powder in the same jar and blend it nicely...IMG_4871IMG_4872IMG_4876
  5. Remove the mixture from jar in a mixing bowl.
  6. In a same mixing bowl add  whole wheat flour & baking soda .mix it well together . IMG_4880IMG_4882IMG_4884IMG_4885
  7. Add vanilla essence in the batter and blend it againIMG_4886
  8. Add chopped walnuts or almond or cashew nut to this mixture. If the consistency of the batter is very thick add little milk and mix it properly.IMG_4887
  9. Grease the baking container with ghee. Add the batter in it… Bake it in preheated oven for 30 minutes at 180degree Celsius. Bake it until the needle comes out clean.IMG_4895
  10. Let it cool and serve it …this cake taste best when it is chilled and served with chocolate sauce 🙂 IMG_4897IMG_4944

    whole wheat eggless chocolate cake
    chocolate cake



Notes for making whole wheat flour cake 

  1. Take the whole wheat flour fill lightly in the bowl . don’t press it or tap it to make 1 bowl measure.
  2. Don’t use any oil which has strong flavor for eg soya bean oil , groundnut oil etc.
  3. If you want you can add 1- 2 eggs in this cake after beating them nicely it will make the cake little fluffy. I prefer it without egg!
  4. If you don’t like chocolate cake you can avoid adding cocoa powder to it .
  5. You can serve this cake with chocolate sauce or butter icing .
  6. In place of sugar you can add honey, demera sugar  or sugar free natura( if you are diet conscious or diabetic).

You can use this cake in any chocolate pudding recipe….

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eggless chocolate pudding





  1. i have tried this whole wheat flour cake and t turned out really well.i don’t think i will use maida in my cake now. thanks of the recipe

  2. I had made this cake and it becomes very good. My family members also love it because they don’t believe that it is made up of wheat flour only.
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely & healthy recipe for us.

    • Hi Sumeet
      I never tried this cake in microwave . Once I have tried plain cake in microwave and it didn’t turn out well the way it gets baked in OTG or oven. if u have microwave oven with convection or have oven function then u can make this cake . it will take more time as compare to oven or otg. my friend makes this cake on convection mode but it takes around 50-55 minutes . she told me that once the cake gets bake she keep it for grilling function for 10 minutes to make crust ..well i had that cake it was ok ,but the taste u get from baked cake from oven or otg is not possible from microwave oven .

      • Today I tried in microwave in convection mode at 200c for 30min preheated for 10 before….
        It came out awesome….
        This is my first cake in microwave….. I had tried before so many times but never came out well this is awesome receip …thanku so much

  3. Can I replace sugar with jagger? If yes then how much? And also if I use 2 eggs then other ingredients remain same or not?

    • I never tried jaggery in this cake…but if u want to ; Jaggery is not as sweet as white sugar, so when substituting jaggery for white sugar use about 1/4 to 1/2 more.u can also use demerara sugar in place of white sugar its a good substitute of jaggery and add it the same as white sugar .
      if u want to add eggs reduce the quantity of milk while making cake batter.

  4. Hi,

    I tried this cake, and it worked wonders even in microwave. Most appreciated thing about this cake is home-made from gehu atta so I know what I am feeding my daughters with and that too eggless is most like-liked thing about this recipe.
    I did give it a try with microwave simple convection for 5 mins, then let it settle in mcrowave with microwave off for a minute and then took out and allowed it to settle for a minute and then I couldnot find the cake because everybody just finished it like never before 😉

    thanks, looking forward to may be cookies or pastries now….

    Best Regards,

  5. I am trying this recipe in my Otg.Lets c …..But one thing is after mixi ng all the ingredients I licked the left over batter from the mixing bowl and it was so tasty …couldnt stop licking the whole bowl.

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe…

    • Hi Rachana
      You can use Home grind Whole wheat atta to make this cake. I have also used the home grind atta in fact sometimes i add soyabean in my wheat flour still there is no difference in taste of this cake.

    • You can use hand mixer, but make sure that dates are soaked nicely or have been softened so it can be easily process to smooth and creamy paste.

  6. Ok.. Thanks.. I also realized that mixer vil b better option coz vth a hand mixer, may b, chances of spillage vil b high .. Looking forward to try out this recipe! Thanks again..

  7. Thank you very much for your cake recipe.First time I made newly brought convection oven .cake came out as a very well I followed your r recipe faithfully If you have Banana bread recipre Please forward to me my e-mail address
    Once again thank you Jaishree

  8. Made this cake for a birthday after reading the reviews. But made the grave mistake of using baking powder instead of baking soda. Came out like a pound cake.

    Not sure if I will try this recipe again.

  9. hi jaishree… is this the cake where u said repalce half cup cocoa powder with half cup carrot??????
    and 1 cup equals 150g u said rite

  10. Hii.liked ur recipe a lot…but can I make it without dates…or any substitute of dates
    ..like milk is reduced n sugar is increased

  11. Hi. After reading this receipe tried it and it turned out really awesome.Tried cake for the 1st time and i was successful thanks for your lovely easy receipe.

  12. Dear Jaishree
    First of all a very Happy and Fulfilling New Year to you and your family. I cant tell you how thankful I am for your recipe of eggless, maidaless dates chocolate cake. I have tried it many times but always without dates(I couldnt get dates handy whenever I tried the cake). I cant tell you the happiness with which my family has been enjoying this. I have tried chocolate nuts cake, carrot cake, banana cake, carrot-banana cake, strawberry cake, all with 100% success and happiness. I thank you profusely for sharing this recipe. In turn I have shared it with my friends and am waiting for their response.

    • Dear Jaishree, Hi. Again I write after an year. Hope you have a fulfilling, peaceful and joyous year ahead. As I mentioned in my earlier comments, I cant tell you how much your recipe has been a success. Of my own I tried a few variations which were also successful. I was looking for recipes of ragi cookies without using wheat flour or sugar or eggs. Can you please advise?

    • Hi Sushma, can u share d changes u made to make it a banana cake…d qty of banana n other changes.
      When we make this as a vanilla cake, do we add 1.5 cups of atta??

  13. Wow…tried d choc cake today with half d qty of dates and it still turned out very moist n sof..thanks for the wonderful recipe. Gonna try d vanilla version without cocoa tomo

  14. Dear Jaishree, Hi. Hope you all have a peaceful and fulfilling 2018. I am writing after exactly one year. As I have mentioned I am really grateful for you recipes. Your eggless maidaless chocolate cake is a superhit in my family and I bake it as often as I can. I have tried a few variations, all of which have been a great success. I was just hoping you could advise on making ragi biscuits without eggs or wheatflour.

  15. Hi,

    Wonderful and simple recipe. Baked it twice and everybody liked it and it is an instant hit. Thank you for sharing the recipe and making the egg-less healthy baking easy



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