Easy Egg-less Chocolate Pudding Recipe | Simple Biscuit pudding recipe with condensed milk

how to make eggless bicuit pudding

Easy chocolate biscuit pudding

I generally make chocolate pudding from my whole wheat flour cakes. I just sandwich it nicely with vanilla butter icing and pine apple slices but this time my kid said that he wants to eat chocolate pudding  in evening , it was difficult for me to make cake and wait till it bakes as I have to go out for some function .my kid loves homemade chocolate pudding and wants to involve in each and every preparation of this recipe ,so I have made  this  quick & simple chocolate pudding  . It’s an easy egg free pudding which you can make from Marie biscuit, condensed milk, coco powder and some creative ideas from your kid for decoration.

This pudding hardly takes 10-12 minutes preparation time .kids enjoy this creamy chocolate pudding with no eggs and no baking is required. Yes, but make sure that they help you to make this recipe, they love to talk about it and just enjoy it .

I have explained how to make this easy chocolate pudding recipe at home. you can change the decorations the way your kid wants . as gems are available at that time I used it for decoration .you can use different types of sprinkles on this pudding.

Ingredients to make chocolate pudding

  • 30-35 marie biscuits
  • ½ cup milk to dip biscuits
  • ¾ cup milk (optional) if you want your pudding mushy
  • ½ cup Cocoa powder
  • 1 tin condense milk
  • Cadburys gems or any sprinkles for garnishing or decoration


  1. In a mixing bowl take 1 whole tin of condensed milk and add ½  cup cocoa powder in it (cocoa powder concentration you can increase or decrease according to your taste ….if you want dark bitter chocolate add ¾ cup cocoa powder )..if you want your pudding little mushy add ¾ cup of milk in it  and mix it nicely (I haven’t added milk this time as I wanted it little dry )..how to make chocolate pudding with condense milkchocolate pudding from cocoa powder chocolate pudding mixture without butter and cheese
  2. Now dip the biscuit one at a time in milk and arrange it in serving bowl as shown in the picturechocolate pudding from marie biscuits
  3. Spread the condense milk coco powder mixture on the biscuits evenly..repeat another layer of biscuit dipped in milk  and top it with another layer of condense milk coco powder mixture…continue layering biscuit and coco condense milk mixture alternately  until th coco mixture is over…the coco condense milk layer is the  upper layerhow to make chocolate pudding from biscuits easy chocolate pudding chocolate marie biscuit pudding chcolate pudding without oven recipe
  4. Decorate it with gems or any sprinkles ….chocolate pudding cake without oven
  5. Cover it with cling film and refrigerate it 3-4  hours before serving
    chocolate pudding chocolate pudding ready to serve chocolate pudding without  egg cornstarch and baking

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  1. Pretty fast, quick & hassle free recipe to make it in a jiffy!

  2. Tried and tested …..awesome recipe….good luck

  3. Shrikant Arvind Gorane says:

    I have prepared this pudding on my wife’s birthday, and she enjoyed it a lot. Even my 14 months old daughter loved the same.
    Yes it is a very fast, quick and easy to prepare recipe, I even took some pudding at my office and all my friends & colleagues loved the same. They even praised my efforts for preparing the same. :)

  4. can i use any other biscuit other than marrie biscuit to make this pudding

  5. hey. love your blog. iam not read english very well. i have achocolate blog to but it is write in hebrew – iam from israel :)

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