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How to make coconut (naral/nariyal ) modak stuffing in microwave

How to make coconut (naral/nariyal ) modak stuffing in microwave

IMG_4163The main advantage of using microwave for making coconut(naral /nariyal) modak stuffing is it will not burn the stuffing …you can do other work while this process goes on and the main advantage is it becomes nicely dry stuffing of modak  so you can store your modak for 5-6 days


[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 1½ cup grated jaggery
  •  1½ cup grated fresh coconut (naral/nariyal)
  • 1 teaspoon freshly crushed cardamom powder
  •  Grounded /chopped 10 almonds and 10 cashew nuts


[directions title=”Directions”]

Mix all the content except cardamom and dryfruits..IMG_4136


Keep it for 1 hour … jaggery will melt and the sweet juice of jaggery will be absorbed by grated coconut




Take it in microwave safe bowl…microwave it on high temp for 3 minutes, mix it, again microwave it for 3 minutes, again mix it and microwave for 2 minutes….IMG_4150

Add cardamom and dry fruits to this stuffing ,mix it  and make small balls of this stuffing for whole wheat flour fried modak(talniche modak)IMG_4156IMG_4162 [/directions]

now u can proceed for whole wheat modak preperationmodak



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