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Aate ka halwa | Wheat flour Halwa | Wheat flour sheera recipe

Aate ka halwa | Wheat flour Halwa | Wheat flour sheera recipe
atte ka halwa | whole wheat flour sheera
whole wheat flour pudding
atte ka halwa | whole wheat flour sheera

This tasty as well as healthy sweet halwa or sheera recipe is made from whole wheat flour or gheu ka atta.  Its a sweet whole wheat flour pudding  made in all parts of India . In north india this whole wheat flour halwa is also served with puris on occasion like Navratri. In Maharashtra this halwa is called as kankecha (atta / wheat flour)sheera . Many people add jaggery in place of sugar to make this halwa more nutritious.

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The important task while making this halwa is roasting of whole wheat flour .if you don’t roast it properly this halwa becomes sticky. You can also make this halwa with coarsely ground wheat flour (gheu ka mota atta) , my family loves this halwa  made from normal wheat flour which I use to make roti . Both adults and kids loves this halwa .

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Tips for making Atte ka halwa /Whole wheat flour halwa 

  • Roast the whole wheat flour without adding ghee on medium to low flame for atleast 10-12 minutes, by this method less ghee is required and all the wheat flour gets roasted nicely. many people use 1 cup ghee for 1 cup atta ,in this recipe by using this procedure of roasting i had used 1/2 cup ghee for 1 cup aata  and next time i m planning to make it with 1/4 cup ghee .  this halwa is not at all sticky with this procedure so why to increase calories!
  • Add ghee after the atta is completely roasted.
  • Boil sugar or jaggery in water and add this boiling water in the roasted atta with ghee.

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Follow the step by step whole wheat flour halwa recipe to make it perfect.

[ingredients title=”Ingredients to Make Aate ( Whole wheat flour) ka Halwa / Sheera “]

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour (gheu ka atta)
  • ½ cup pure ghee
  • 1 cup sugar or grated jaggery (gud)
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ teaspoon fresh cardamom powder (elaichi powder)
  • 10-12 almonds and cashews roughly chopped (optional)


[directions title=”Step by Step Directions to make Atta ( Whole wheat flour) Halwa/ Sheera”]

  1. Mix water and sugar / jaggery and keep it on flame. Don’t make this solution thick, we just want sugar or jaggery mix with water, when it comes to a boil and hot ,we add it in halwa.IMG_0263IMG_0264IMG_0265
  2. Roast gheu ka atta on medium to low flame stirring it continuously for 10 -12 minutesIMG_0260IMG_0266
  3. Atta should become light in weight (you will feel it while stirring)and a nice aroma of roasted wheat flour will start coming out of it , It will become light brown , don’t let it burn .IMG_0272
  4. Remove it from flame and add ghee to it, mix it and keep it on low fame stirring it continuously for 1 – 2 minute.IMG_0273IMG_0276
  5. Again remove it from flame and add boiling sugar water or jaggery water to it. If your using jaggery strain the water before adding it in roasted flour as many times jaggery contains impurities.IMG_0278IMG_0279
  6. Mix it nicely there should not be single lump in halwa or sheera . It will become very smooth and thick immediately.IMG_0280
  7. Now keep it on low flame stir it and keep a lid on it for 1-2 minutes. Remove it from flame add chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder.IMG_0281
  8. Mix it and serve warm whole wheat flour (atta) halwa or sheera . You can also serve these halwa with puris on navratri festival.

    whole wheat flour pudding
    atte ka halwa | whole wheat flour sheera



If you are making this Halwa in winters add a pinch of Jaiphal (nutmeg) and Kesar (saffron) in this Halwa / Sheera .



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