Feeling hungry at night –Healthy late night snacks Ideas

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“If we are not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge…”

Last night I was chatting with my best friend and come to know that she was eating Chiwda and Sharbat as midnight snacks. I wanted to tell her don’t you have some good options to eat to satisfy your midnight hunger. Then I thought to pen down this article. It’s a long time I was not active on my blog but this one instance motivated me to start writing again.

What to Ask yourself before eating anything at midnight

If we eat anything after dinner our body more likely to store those calories as fats and gain weight rather than burn it as energy.

So ask yourself

“Am I really Hungry?”

And if you just had your dinner ask yourself “What is really going on that is making my desire to snack so high right now?

Is it simply out of Habit? Is it that you’re feeling Anxious, Angry or over-whelmed, Lonely or depressed, Tired or bored?

If you eat for any of these non-hunger reasons, tell your stomach “Dear stomach you are not hungry you are bored …so shut up “ 🙂

 By asking this question you can monitor your behavior pattern and identify what triggers you to eat at night will help to break the cycle of emotional eating.But if you are really hungry try out this easy midnight snacks which will make you feel satiated.

Healthy Midnight snacks

I have divided midnight snacks into three parts







Light snacks

Chikki- peanut chikki ,sesame chikki, puffed rice chikki ,

Dried fruits – almonds, walnuts, plain pistachios (not salted)

Boiled sprouts/ chana/ any Beans with tomatoes

Homemade popcorn

Nuts and seeds- pumpkin seeds

If you eat eggs- egg whites

Yoghurt /curd with jaggery ,nuts and dried fruits

Healthy smoothies made from low fat yoghurt

Mini meal

Simple tomato or cucumber sandwitch made up of whole wheat or multigrain bread

Roles /wraps

Gud ghee role


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