How to make Homemade Chocolate | Chocolate Recipe from Cocoa powder and Milk powder


To make chocolate at home from scratch is the dream of everyone. When we were kids, we used to sing a song asawa sundar chocolate cha bangla, it’s a Marathi song which means I should have a bungalow which is made up of chocolates. To make chocolate at home is really stress buster for me. Yesterday I was not keeping well and my little daughter was very upset because of that. After looking at her I just forgot about myself, I took her to the kitchen asked her that we will make something and she said chocolate. And then we made these yummy chocolates. This recipe is very simple and everybody will love to have homemade chocolates.

Homemade chocolate

In my college days, I made chocolates from the chocolate compound. My mom used to make it from Cocoa powder and butter, the only issue of this chocolate is it was very sticky and to give it any particular shape was difficult. Because of that when I started making it I always used the dark chocolate compound. The only problem with this is I never got the good quality chocolate compound, I always felt that the fats used in it were not of good quality. It may be that I never had an access to the good chocolate compound. One day when I was making besan barfi I thought that I can add Coco powder and milk powder to this sugar syrup to make chocolates. I tried it and to make it soft and glossy I have added homemade butter to it…. and hurray …… It turned out awesome.

When my Friends had this chocolate, they asked me for the recipe and I promised them to post it on my blog.

How to make homemade Chocolate


This homemade chocolate recipe is very easy and even a novice can make it easily.

Ingredients required to make homemade chocolate

As I said, this chocolate recipe does not contain a ready-made chocolate compound. So I have used some basic ingredient to make this chocolate. It’s a chocolate recipe with cocoa powder.
Cocoa powder- I have used Hershey’s Cocoa Powder to make this recipe. It is plain Cocoa Bean powder without sugar. I have used 1/2 cup of cocoa powder to make this chocolate. If you like dark bitter chocolate you can increase the amount of Cocoa powder and decrease the amount of milk powder.

Milk powder – I have used Everyday milk powder to make this homemade chocolate to give it a nice smooth milky taste. It is an important ingredient in this homemade chocolate recipe.
Sugar – sugar is an important ingredient in this chocolate. It does not just give sweet taste to the chocolate but also gives binding to it. I even tried this chocolate by using jaggery. It was good but kids love the chocolate with sugar only.
Butter – Butter makes this chocolate smooth and glossy. I use homemade butter to make this chocolate. Butter should be salt-free to make this recipe. In place of butter, you can also use edible coconut oil to make this recipe but my kids love this chocolate with butter only.

I have explained how to make this chocolate from scratch with images. Do share your feedback for this recipe.

Ingredients to make Chocolate

  • Milk powder (I used everyday dairy whitener)- 1 1/2 cup
  • Cocoa powder ( Hershey’s or cadburries unsweetened Cocoa powder)- 1 cup
  • Sugar – 3/4 cup
  • Water – 1/4 cup
  • Butter – 1/3 cup
  • 1 cup of chopped nuts cashew, hazelnut, almonds (optional)

Note – This chocolate taste best on the next day

Step by step method to make chocolate at home

Take sugar in a mixer jar.
Make a fine powder of sugar.hc5
Take powdered sugar and water in a thick bottom container or kadhai.hc7
Keep it on low heat.
Take milk powder and Coco powder in a grinder and make a fine powder of it.hc11
When the sugar water mixture starts boiling and sugar gets completely melted…hc13
Add butter to it. Keep the flames low.hc16
When the butter is completely melted add Coco milk powder mixture to it.hc14
Mix it nicely so that no lumps are formed.hc17
Remove from the heat and add roasted chopped nuts and mix it.hc18
let it cool down and make chocolate balls of it.hc19
You can also Grease the tray, add the chocolate mixture and spread it with the back side of the greased bowl.hc21
Let it cool down and cut the chocolate into the desired shape.
You can hc22You can make both chocolate balls or any desired shape chocolate out of the mixture.
Enjoy the tasty homemade chocolateshc1

Note – Keep the chocolates in an airtight container or in a bowl covered with cellophane film when you keep it in the refrigerator.




  1. tanx it was very useful 2 me 2 suprice my mom.


    • Arthy ,
      My kids make sure that it should not last more than 4-5 days :-) well the shelf life of this chocolate is around 20 – 21 days if it is kept in refrigerator….

  3. Hi, Just wanted to know if the sugar syrup needs to be boiled till one thread consistency or only till the sugar completely melts.


  4. Hi it is very good but can we use liquid milk instead of powder

  5. Is it possible to use oil instead of butter or even to ise almond butter?
    This recipe looks fantastic!!

  6. amee nathvani says:

    Dear Jayshree,

    Thanks a ton for sharing such interesting recipes!!

    I just wanted to tell you that i tried to make chocolates from cocoa powder and milk powder as suggested by you, but my chocolate turned to be very soft even after using same quantity and same brands of ingredients as directed by you. Please suggest what shall i do or add to existing chocolate to harden it and make balls or molded chocolates.

    Its my daughter’s birthday on 3rd December and she is allergic to flavors and food colours, so i used your recipe to surprise her. Kindly reply at earliest.


    • Hi Amee
      Sorry for late reply….When you will make chocolate next time tap the bowl while measuring the milk powder and cocoa powder , many times the milk powder and cocoa powder are loosely packed and the quantity of it becomes less and that is why chocolates becomes soft . Make it one day before as chocolate tastes best on second day…..
      To make your soft chocolate hard make a 3/4 cup mixture of milk powder and cocoa powder in bowl .Take the soft chocolate in double boiler when it will melt add this cocoa milk powder mixture to it. stir it nicely and let it cool down . you can make a balls cubes or mold it into desire shape.
      I wish a very happy birthday to your daughter…

  7. Rajat Sharma says:

    Hi, just wanted to know that if I want to make them more stiff, what should I add more or add less. Thank You.

  8. Hi jayashree sister… Such a great recipe u were shared.. I just love it..its easy to mom dad said it’s awesome taste..but i had a doubt that still it is not like those melting chocolate bought from shops..and also the powder mix was not cooked well i think.. What do i do for make my chocolate silky ☺

  9. Hi jayashree sister… Such a great recipe u were shared.. I just love it..its easy to mom dad said it’s awesome taste..but i had a doubt that still it is not like those melting chocolate and also the powder mix was not cooked well i think.. What do i do for make my chocolate silky???☺☺

  10. Hi,
    Can I use chocolate brick.if yes then please tell me the quantity of sugar,butter and milk.which one is the best way.

  11. Can ghee be used in place of butter?

  12. Hi.. I really liked u r recipes& wanted to follow them on pinterest. Are u on pinterest?

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