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about usI am Jaishree. I am passionate about cooking and I keep experimenting with various recipes. My affair with food started since I was 7 years old (J) when I first started helping out my mother. I kept learning new recipes from different people I met.

I have been fortunate to have been exposed to multitude of cultures during my life so far. Had it not been so, I would not have gotten a chance to try out so many different recipes.

My two kids, Anagh (7 yrs) and Zoe (2 yrs) keep pushing me try out new things. Satisfying them is not a easy task! But I have been mostly successful thus far.

I started this blog to share my passion and learn from my fellow readers. I want to focus on vegetarian recipes that are healthy. In the world of food, anything that is tasty is generally not very healthy and anything that is healthy is not generally very tasty! I want to change this – make vegeterian recipes that are healthy and tasty.

Feel free to tell me what you feel. Also share your thoughts on

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  1. do you have any healthy receipes with apples or other fruits for kids… and also with healthy attas like Ragi, Jowar, Bajra etc…… its so difficult as kids dont open their mouth to eat anything specially my daughter :( thanks

    • Hi Siddhi
      U can try chilla , pudla and parathas . my kids love this paratha when i mix vegetables in flour rather than stuffed ones. you can also try whole wheat chocolate cake ,it has lots of dates in it and kids loves it a lot. in chilla and pudla recipes i add variety of flours. Make the small size of paratha and chilla for kids they love to eat the smaller size rather than the big one. my kids love to eat fruits raw only but will surely upload recipes of fruits :-)

  2. Niranjan Gupta says:

    Hii Jaishree

    Would have specific food for Diabetic people. I mean a healthy vegetarian diet.

    Niranjan Gupta

  3. Hi Jayashree
    Thank you for your recipes.
    Alshi chutney- I’m going to try it now.
    I am all for traditional recipes.
    Will follow you dearly

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